Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Come On!!!!

          She didn’t want to come out which shocked the meows out of the cats.  She backed up further into the cage.  “C’mon!”  Casey meowed.  “You have to come out.”
          All of the other animals had no problem with that concept.  As a matter of fact, they shook the building by how fast they were running out of there.  As a matter of fact, the humans were yelling more about, ‘EARTHQUAKES!’  Now, I bet you’re wondering where the rest of the animals were going, and my answer is…

          How in the meow do I know?  Right now, it was just all about Freddie’s mom.  Now, Casey was in a quandary.  How in the meow was he supposed to get her out of there?  Keep this in mind, bepaws we like to think the gang is on the same line with our wild friends.  With that being meowed, remember, this is a ‘wild’ cat.  These cats (and 99% of humans too) have no idea what a ‘wild’ cat is really capable of doing.  Casey was smart enough to realize that Freddie’s mom could really do something nasty to him.

          But they were running out of time…

          To meow it bluntly, he had act fast.  So, before Freddie’s mom could act, he took 2 paws and yanked her out of there.  She was so shocked that she couldn’t even make a noise.  Her eyes though were as big as full moons.  She was in shock.

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  1. pleez due knot be afraid mizzuz freddie....we iz heer ta help, knot harm, pleez ta follow casey~~~~~~☺☺♥♥