Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Casey to the Rescue

Casey was getting really impatient!  “C’mon we have to go!”

          Freddie’s mom didn’t make any noise.  She actually started to paw along but stumbled.  Casey couldn’t take it anymore!  He grabbed her and took off out of there so fast that it was unreal.  Freddie’s mom didn’t have any chance to react.  That in itself was probably a good thing.  In the meantime, Casey was pawing at 100 mph and somehow, he managed to get Freddie’s mom out to the beach. 

          Casey fell over into a pile of sand.  Freddie’s mom, sort of collapsed, as well but she ended up falling asleep.  Poor Freddie’s mom!  Casey wasn’t even going to guess what kind of hell she went through.  His problem was that he was all alone with her on a strange beach.

          Wait a meow-minute! 

          Where in the meow was everybody? 

          Well, one thing was for sure, the humans were still trying to figure out what was going on!  Any other time Casey would’ve given some purr-snickers at it bepaws it was rather funny, considering one human yowled, “Where did the animals go???”

          Trouble though, people were starting to come outside.  Sure, Casey had luck on his side.  He wasn’t going to be seen as long as he stayed by Freddie’s mom but he had to get out of there!  Then a huge splash came out of nowhere!

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