Sunday, March 4, 2018

Holy Meows!

          There were animals everywhere and Freddie’s mom was in a cage in the middle of a table with a bandaged paw.  There was not sight of Freddie’s little brother.  She was shocked to see the kitties and the other animals were too.  Wait a meow minute- I know what you are thinking…

          What other animals?

          The bear was there-it was a strange looking one too.  The kitties couldn’t figure out what kind he was! (Note: Humans would refer to it as a Sun Bear.) There were smaller cats too- a Black-Footed Cat, a Sand Cat and meee-ow I’ll put it to you this way- I’d be here for hours naming animals.  Anyway, I know what else you’re wondering…
          If these animals are all together- why are they visible to the humans when kitties in a group?  The answer’s easy.  It was about the chains and the cages.  Mee-ow you heard that right- chains- which the Sun Bear was covered with and it was flat-out sick.  Not only that, it was horrifying.  What in the meow were they going to do?  How in the meow were all of them going to free them? 


          Meee-ow you heard that right, it was all about speed.  It was only a matter of time before the humans came in and they had a lot of animals to free. Casey and the Mayor started with Freddie’s mom and a really strange thing happened…

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  1. now wood bee a grate time for hank ta lay gainst de door sew no one could getz IN !! 90 peepulz can knot fite hank ! ☺☺♥♥