Saturday, March 3, 2018


          Now, were these insults or what?  Meeee-ow!  Who are we kidding?  It’s just the same old ‘fuzzy’ insults-MOL.

          Then that bear roared again- which cause Daisy to jump on Casey’s back and that caused him to, literally, jump to get her off of it. She landed on her butt with a thud and believe it or not, it shook the building.  As a matter of fact, it caused that crazy human to shriek.  “There’s an EARTHQUAKE COMING- AN EARTHQUAKE!”

          No kitty realized how much loud a human could be.  Their amazement was cut short by a loud roar and a loud growl that sounded like a cat.  Now don’t get excited.  It wasn’t a housecat but there was a good chance it could be- it could be…

          FREDDIE’S MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

          Holy meows it was coming from the next room!!!

          Now, picture a bunch of kitties getting their claws on the ground, ready to ram themselves through a door.  It was not only a funny image- ah who in the meow am I kidding?  It was hysterical.  They were pumped up enough that they really did do the battering ram thing right into the next room.

          And meee-ow- they couldn’t believe what they saw!

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  1. freddie we hope ta cod in all de seaz we DID find yur mom !!!! ☺☺♥♥