Thursday, March 8, 2018

Splash Time!!!

          Guess what???

          You guessed it!


          It was a loaded Hank.  What does that mean?  The entire gang was on the back and I’m not meowing just the cats- I mean the animals.  It was hard to tell if all the animals were on the back, but it looked like there very well could be.  It didn’t matter- it was great news-it was an escape out of this tropical hell.

          Oh, wait a meow-minute.  I know what you are thinking.  How big is Hank’s back?  Well, I’m no zoologist but it looked like that he might set world record.  These kitties were lucky that he had it bepaws there was an easy way out.

          Casey wasted no time.  He knew that Freddie’s mom was traumatized, and he wasn’t going to negotiate.  He picked her up and carried her to Hank.  There was no other choice.  They had to get out of there. 

          Besides, a couple of humans were running out on the beach yelling ‘Tidal wave!’

          As Hank got going again, Freddie’s mom started freaking.  She had to be restrained but the Mayor ended up calming her down.  “Dontz worry!  We iz taking you home!!!  We foundz Freddie!”

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  1. hank....haz we ever said....dood....ewe total lee rock buddy !!!!!! 984 pawz up now letz get a goin ~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥