Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Insistent Captain Jack

          Well, who can argue with that fact?  He had them there and Casey knew it.  “Okay, Captain,” he meowed.  “Meow it all out for us.”

          Captain Jack was more than happy to meow it and what he told them not only astounded them but made all whiskers twitch.  Hank ended up pounded the ground excitedly.  The dude was pumped.  Why?  Well, (and you can’t meow it to anyone) Captain Jack said that there was about 50 of them left in a small area that have gone unnoticed by humans for years.  How in the meow was that pawsible? Well, for one thing I’m no Northern White Rhino so I have no idea and secondly, what did it matter?  It was great to know that there were some still alive.

          Casey though was cautious.  It was a purr-fect story but that’s all it might be, a story.  “Is this really true?”  he asked.  “How could they pawsibly be able to hide from all of these humans?”

          Captain Jack’s whiskers twitched.  “Again don’t fall into the trap of knowing everything.”

          Casey was started to get a little annoyed with Captain Jack.  “I DON’T BELIEVE HUMANS YOU-”

          Barney, luckily, cut him off before it got messy.  “So,” he meowed to the captain, “paw-viously, the humans are about ready to find them.”

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  1. if thiz iz troo....we knead ta set sail rite off N tell de otherz ta be veree caushuz ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥