Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mystery Captain Jack

          All kitties started to wonder if Hank wasn’t onto something.  Casey was especially confused.  If there were only 3 known Northern White Rhinos- how in the meow would he know that there was more?  What was he?  A psychic? A nipped-cat living in a daydream?

          Captain Jack seemed to read Casey’s brain.  “I’m not crazy.”

          “How in the meow do you know what’s going on?”  he asked.  “How do you know there’s more.”

          Now, you have to remember this about Captain Jack.  He was an older black cat filled with wisdom and the one eye and the bad paw proved that fact.  They were all-out battle scars.  What’s the point behind that?  Well, with the wisdom, it seemed knowledge poured in.  “What’s with you cats?”  he asked.  “Do you always believe what you hear?”

          Where was Baby on this mystery?  Standing behind her man?  Are you kidding?  She was just as bewilderedly bewildered as the rest of the cats.  “Maybe you need some nip,” she meowed.  “I think your brain’s broken.”

          His whiskers twitched.  “The trouble with all of you cats is that you think that everything that humans say is true.  They don’t really know as much as you think.”

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  1. jack...dood.....we will give ya that az ewe due haz point ther buddy !! ☺☺♥♥