Monday, April 16, 2018

Reach For the Sky

          Now, who’s going to say no to that?

          Tippy ended up getting on the mushy side (sort of) he leaned over and gave Tommy a HUGE (yet manly) hug.  It was actually kind of funny, that caused them to roll back into the mud.  They were about ready to play some more but a gunshot interrupted the fun.

          Tommy was terrified.  Do you blame the little fella?  He just lost his mom and that meant that these hunters, obviously, didn’t give up.  He ended up jumping out of that mud pit so fast that Tippy was even lucky he saw what direction he went in.  This was paws-itively one of the scariest things ever!  How in the meow could this even be paws-ible?  Were the humans here going to shoot everything that moved?  What were they doing going after a little rhino anyway?  How low can a human actually go?

          Tippy managed to see Tommy relatively quickly which was shocking because of all the trees around.  “WAIT!!!!”  he yowled.  “Don’t go without me.”

          He did the strangest thing after that, he stopped, turned around and plopped down on his tummy.  Tippy was horrified.  “Holy meows!  Did you get shot?”

          Tommy was breathing heavily.  “I’m okay,” he said.  “I’m just really tired.”

          “We-”  Tippy didn’t get a chance to finish bepaws from above, someone reached down and pulled him up to the sky!!!

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  1. guyz.....take it frum barney N de crew.. N uz...humanz can bee az low aza snakez gut......faaaaaaaaaa