Tuesday, April 17, 2018


          Holy meows!  Who grabbed Tippy?  Well, as of right now he was screeching, yowling and fighting.  There was no way he was going down without a fight, ‘burd’ or no ‘burd.’  That’s what it had to be, right?  What else was going to grab a fat, good-looking kitty like him?

          But it wasn’t a ‘burd.’  Meee-ow what a relief.

          It was an orangutan.

          Wait a meow-minute.  An orangutan?  What in the meow was up with this.  Well, it left Tippy meow-less.  He never saw an orangutan before.  What in the meow could this be about?

          “What are you?”  asked the orangutan. 

          “I’m a cat,” he meowed.  “What in the meow are you?”

          The orangutan put Tippy on the branch next to him.  “What are you doing here?”  he asked.

          “What’s it any of your business?”  Tippy asked indignantly.

          The orangutan gave one of those goofy grins.  “You’re a feisty little dude,” he said. 

“Get me out of this tree!”  Tippy yowled.

“You tell me how you got here first,” he answered.

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  1. whoa....tippy....we haz never seen an orang either !!! better tell him ta take cover and bee care full two ! ☺☺♥♥