Monday, April 23, 2018

Requeust Time

          “Why was it dumb?”  Casey asked with the hackles up.  “What do you expect me to meow?”

          “Well, you iz stupid.  Dey is orangutans-what do youz think?”  the Mayor looked at the group.  “You guys iz orangutans right?”

          All nodded, the funny thing about this group was that it seemed like they were growing.  There were seven there now.  What in the meow was this?  A convention?

          “What are you guys doing here?”  Casey asked.  “Are you the welcome wagon?”

          “We wanna get off the island,” the biggest one said.  “We need some help.”

          All of the kitties were astounded, horrified and afraid to ask the big question.  “Where-where do you wanna go?”  Barney asked, shakily.  All of them had the same feeling they’d all say the same thing.  ‘We wanna go where you guys were going.’ 

          Surprisingly, the big orangutan whose name happened to be Jake, had one of those answers that no one saw coming.  “There’s an island that we wanna head to and humans don’t know a thing about it.  We wanna get there and off this rotten island.”

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  1. well......big as they bee we hope ta cod capn jack haz room on de boat coz we think we better say~~~~~ oh kay ~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥