Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Stare-Down

          Now, I just want you to picture this…

          First of all, it’s Earth Day and second of all, the gang’s by a jungle staring down a bunch of orangutans.  Of course, being cats, none of them ever really went by one before- sure there were the zoo visits but meee-ow who really studies an orangutan when you’re pawing around a zoo?  Besides, none of them could remember any of them ever wanting to paw-ty down.  But meee-ow, right now flashbacks are insignificant, as stated the gang was staring down a bunch of orangutans.  Why do I repeat myself? 

          Well, that’s what everyone was purr-ty much doing was staring.  To be purr-fectly honest, except for some occasional observations from tree-land these dudes never really saw any cats up close before and they were fascinated.  One started making some kind of weird noise which sent the kitties, including Fuzzy pawing at 100 mph back to the boat.

          Aw- give them a break…they’re only kids…

          Casey, meanwhile, was trying to stay calm.  “Who are you guys?”  he asked, for lack of anything better to meow.

          The Mayor stared at Casey with disgust.  “Thatz wuz a dumb question,” he meowed. 

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  1. N now two day IZ earth day !! happee earth day two everee one ~~ ☺☺♥♥