Friday, May 25, 2018

A Confident Hank

         Joey was in a panic.  “Who in the meow are you????”

          Uh-oh- that’s when Casey had to give a summary of the history of Hank.  It wasn’t easy but Joey came down from the tree.  He was wary but he seemed a little more relaxed.  At least his whiskers weren’t twitching as much!

          The Mayor was getting anxious, “Well,” he meowed to Hank, “do youz haz a plan?”

          Hank tilted his head and some water poured out of his ears.  “This isn’t gonna be easy,” he said.  “I’ve been around those Shoebills.  They are bad dudes!”

          “No kidding,” Joey meowed.  “What do you think we should do?”

          Hank tilted his head again and more water came out of his ears.  “Holy meows!”  Casey yowled.  “How come you have so much water in your ears?”

          “That’s a dumb question,” Hank answered.  “Think about where I came from.”

          “Well, you have a point,” Casey meowed, “but holy meows aren’t you used to the water by now?”

          “Enoughz of da water stuff!”  yowled an impatient Mayor.  “Whatz in the meow are we gonna do?”

          Hank got a funny look on his face, kind of a combination smirk/frown.  “The charge method should do it,” he said.

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  1. shuld do it....dood....we knead a FUR sure oughta due it...catz livez be at stakez heer !!!! ♥♥