Thursday, May 24, 2018

Guess Who's Back?

Joey’s whiskers twitched a little.  “It’s just- the burds are really scary.”

          Casey’s brain was out of shock mode and he agreed with Joey.  How in the meow could the three of them paws-ibly do anything?  They needed help and they needed it badly and that’s when something really strange happened.

          There was a wooshing sound that seemed to be approaching.  Wooshing might not be the right word for it.  It sounded like a speedboat and that could only mean one thing…



          Where in the meow had Hank been?  Well, Hank was on an all-out search for Tippy.  Unfortunately (and obviously) he didn’t have any luck!  But it was paw-mazing that Hank was able to track them down!

          “How did you find us?”  Casey asked.

          “Itz goodz datz you iz here,” the Mayor added.

          Meanwhile Joey, headed for the closest tree.  Obviously, he had never seen a hippo before, so Hank literally scared the fur off of him.  “Who- what- how-”

          Hank was flabbergasted that someone was actually afraid of him.  “What are you doing up there, dude?”

          Uh-oh!  Hank needed a briefing so Casey was more than happy to tell him about the Shoebills.  He was horrified by the whole thing.

          “I got here just in time,” he announced.

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  1. dood....ewe iz one welcome site...we canna thanx ewe enuff for findin uz....we knead help buddy ~~ ☺☺♥♥