Thursday, May 17, 2018

Back On Fish Island

          In the meantime, Casey and the Mayor had a huge problem.  Just to refresh your memory they were trapped on an island of BURDS.

          Oh no- not da burds…

          The Mayor was hysterical- flustered and just flat-out freaked.  You know how the Trouties are with DA BURDS.  You can’t really blame them- after all the Purry Cute gang has been known to freak out numerous times in front of burds, especially after that incident with Barney and the eagle.

          Okay- you’re scratching your head but that’s a long story and it’s just flat-out weird.  We can’t meow about that story at the present time bepaws for some reason, it’s stated that if we do- Barney will sue us.  Yeah I know, weird- but the feline criminal justice system in unexplainable.

          Now, back to the ‘burd-iness’ of Fish Island.  Casey was trying to be calm and that wasn’t paw-ticularly easy.  The Mayor was to the point that he needed a smack and poor Joey went from being tough to having a ‘huh?’ expression on his face.  Casey knew he had to be calm in order to figure out what to do next.  “What kind of ‘burds?’”

          Joey’s whiskers twitched.  “Huh?”

          See I wasn’t kidding with that ‘huh’ expression.  It transferred to his brain.

          Casey was close to losing it. “WHAT KIND OF BURDS HAVE TAKEN OVER?”

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  1. haz R sinceerest sorreez if ya hada run in with an eagullz ~~~~~~~~

    N casey...poor joey iz liked dazed...for sure we GOTTA help ☺☺♥♥