Friday, May 18, 2018

Nervous Boys

          Finally, it sunk into Joey’s head.  How could you tell?  The usual sign- the eyes grew huge.  “Meee-ow- Shoebills,” he meowed.  “Shoebills are here.”

          Shoebills?  Shoebills?  The Mayor knew what he was meowing about immediately.  His fur stood up on edge and his teeth started chattering.  “No-no- not da Shoebill thingz!”

          Casey had to give him a paw to calm him down.  “Relax.  None of them are here now.”

          The Mayor was still hysterical.  “Itz gonna- itz gonna getz us.”

          This time Joey had to paw him.  “What’s with this dude?”  he asked Casey.

          Casey didn’t have any idea.  He never heard any Troutie Shoebill incident.  He had to take a second though and think about what a Shoebill actually looked like.  It didn’t take that long for the image to pop into his head.  This was some scary-looking ‘burd!’  He started getting the shakes and his whiskers were even twitching.

          Joey was smug.  “I knew you two would be scared.”

          For some reason, that got the Mayor out of his hysteria.  “We iz notz afraidz of anything.”

          Joey’s tail was swishing.  “Yeah, sure.  The best thing you two can do right now is get off the island.”

          Casey glared at him, whiskers straight out.  “That ain’t happening.”

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  1. yea....if ewe N de otherz wantz R help...fine....but due knot call me N casey ...scared ~~~~~~
    =^..^= FOR SURE DOOD !