Friday, May 11, 2018


          The black and white stared at them with his eyes in that slit position that you really don’t want to see.  You know what I mean- the eyes of a cat that was really  to pounce.  The dude looked dangerous.  “What are you cats doing here?” he asked.  “You’re trespassing.”

          The Mayor and Casey stared at each other with that perplexed look.  Do you really blame them?  They had a wild trip, highlighted by a dolphin, had been waterlogged and just fought with each other for about 10 minutes.  Neither were really in the mood for this.  “Whatz wid you?”  The Mayor asked.  “You iz meowin’ like you iz in the movies.”

          The cat showed a paw to emphasize the point.  “You two need to get off this island.”

          Casey couldn’t believe this.  Flashbacks were coming of a lot of fun on Fish Island.  His whiskers were twitching at what in the meow was happening here.

“What is going on here?”  he asked.  “We’ve been here before- why in the meow are you acting like this?”

          The cat seemed like he was relaxing some.  “Well, what are your names?” he asked.

          Casey and the Mayor gave introductions and gave a brief summary of how they got there.  The cat’s eyes got bigger and bigger and the Mayor got in the spirit and gave more visual descriptions especially about what happened to Tippy.

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  1. casey...if we keep on talkin may bee thiz dood will bee leeve uz.... !! :) ♥♥