Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Blast From the Meow-Past

After these 2 heard that, they just kind of froze in mid-air.  It was one of those weird scenes that looked like something in a cartoon.  After about a second they hit the ground and were nose to nose with a long, black and white cat with big whiskers. 

The dude looked crabby and just flat-out annoyed.  “What are you two trying to prove?’

Casey and the Mayor seemed to lose all sense of thought and the ability to meow.  The last thing they expected was to see a cat.  Where in the meow did he come from?  Where in the world could they paws-ibly be?

Finally, Casey managed to meow out, “Who are you?”

The Mayor meowed out a “Where iz we?”

The cat’s whiskers twitched.  It was paw-mazing how mad he looked.  “You’re on Fish Island,” he meowed.

          Fish Island?

          How in the meow could these two be on Fish Island?  Holy meows- how far did that log travel?  HOLY MEOWS!  These two were back on Fish Island!

          What you don’t remember anything about the gang being in Fish Island?

          Well, that’s okay, right now these two were so shocked that they had completely forgotten about it too, at least for now.  Their whiskers were twitching furiously.  “Who are you?”  Casey asked, trying to place the cat. 

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  1. FISH EYE LAND !!!!!!! now we iz talkin a grate place ta chillax; thinkz we haz landed on a gold mine ;) ♥♥