Thursday, May 31, 2018

Make Up Your Mind Daisy!

          Daisy responded to that by giving Hank ‘the paw,’ which resulted in Hank getting a huge scratch on the nose.  “Hey,” he yowled, “what was that for?”

          “Youz iz annoying me!”  she meowed loudly.

          “Well, do you have amnesia or not?”  Hank asked indignantly.  “Who am I?  Do you know?”

          “Of course I knows!”  she yowled.  “You iz big-mouthed Hank!”

          Hank was getting all huffy which was a sight to behold.  Why?  Bepaws he looked like a big bull ready to charge!  “Then why did you act like a zombie you goof?  You said you didn’t know who Toni was!”

          Daisy looked at Hank like he flipped his cookie.  “How bigz is dat brain of yours?”  she asked.  “I knows who Toni is!”

          The Mayor gave Daisy a gentle paw across the face.  “Wouldz youz calms down!  Everybody knows youz probably had water shock.”

          Water shock?  Well, we’re not really going to touch that.  The problem was little Toni.  She was snoring her guts out- poor kid.  She wouldn’t even wake up when Hank gave her headbutts.  Meee-ow, in the end there really wasn’t a problem, after all they did come a long way.

          In the meantime, Joey was impatient.  “We’re wasting a lot of time!”  he yowled.  “What are we gonna do?  We can’t leave her here or the ‘burds’ will get her!”

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  1. burdz...?? !!! be jezuz NOE.....toni, for de lovez oh all de fish in de seaz WAKE UP ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    hay, guyz...heerz hopin yur week oh end iz grate N sewz de weatherz ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺