Saturday, May 5, 2018

Plenty of Water

Well, did they crash?

          Of course, they didn’t!  But you kind of guessed that anyway didn’t ya?  As a matter of fact when the Mayor started yowling that made the wave get bigger!!!

Casey and the Mayor were now on a 10-foot wave with the log standing straight up.  It, literally, looked like they were riding a tree.  Where was the dolphin?  Well, who in the meow really knew at this point?  These boys were just clinging onto this log for dear life and meowing their guts out!

          Finally, a wave swallowed the log and neither one could figure out how they did it but they managed to hang on to it!  There was a big splash and the next thing you know Casey and the Mayor were on a really sandy beach and well-

          They were soaked.

          No meowin’ way, meow something we didn’t know!  Okay, both of them looked terrible, horrible and downright funny.  We’re talking the drowned rat look.  Neither one of them could speak but Casey managed to hear those squeaky noises that a dolphin makes and he saw the dolphin who guided them in the middle of the ocean.  “YOU TUNA IDIOT!”  he yowled.  “YOU ALMOST KILLED US!”

          The Mayor didn’t hear anything.  He had water in his ears, literally.  He had to turn his head to have it all gush out.  We’re meowing Looney Tune imagery here.  When it was all clear he meowed, “Whutz youz yelling at me for?”

          “I was yelling at that dumb dolphin!”  Casey howled.  “He almost killed us!”

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