Friday, May 4, 2018

Riding Waves

This time the Mayor had his fur rubbed the wrong way.  “Thatz a dumb question,” he meowed.

Now, you can’t make a dolphin mad.  Everybody knows they always look like they’re grinning and this dude was no exception.  As a matter of fact, he sounded like he gave a dolphin-laugh.  “You two want some help?”  he asked.

Help?  What a novel concept.  This time Casey blew up!  “You’re meowing right we need some help!”  He showed him his tail.  “You think that I like having a rat’s tail?”

The Mayor sounded feistier.  “Yeah youz dopez and-”

He didn’t get to finish bepaws the dolphin did something paws-tively amazing!  He got under the log and lifted it into the air.  They were soon soaring on a wave and it seemed like they were going 100 mph.  Both of them started yowling.  As a matter of fact, their yowling was in unison, they sounded like a siren.


The louder both of them got the faster the dolphin went too.  As a matter of fact the wave seemed like it was getting higher.  “What in the meow are you doing???”  yowled Casey.  “Are you crazy???”

The speed picked up and the Mayor saw they were headed for land.  “Meee-ow we iz gunna crash!  We iz gunna crash!”

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