Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ready to Fight

          Joey was surprised.  “What’s that mean?”

          The Mayor seemed to be on Casey’s brainwave now.  “He’s rightz.  We iz notz goin’ anywhere.”

          Now, poor Joey, who was hoping to get off the island meowed.  “What iz with you two?  I thought you wanted to go.”

          Casey started feeling this amazing sense of determination.  “We gotta help you get Fish Island back.”

          “Yeah,” the Mayor chimed in.  “We canz getz ridz of da burds.”

          That’s when Joey collapsed with laughter.  “You gotta be kidding,” he replied.  “Do you dudes realize how big those guys are?”

          Well, Joey did have a point.  This wasn’t looking good.  A Shoebill was like the GODZILLA of burds.  How in the meow were they going to take on a whole bunch of them?  One was paws-ibly doable but a lot of them?  It was enough to make anyone’s fur fall out.

          Casey was trying to stay optimistic.  “Our crew is going to come,” he answered.  “They’ll help.”

          The Mayor gave Casey the strangest look.  “Who iz youz kidding?  Therez no way they iz coming!  Howz they gonna know where we iz?”

          Poor Joey was frustrated.  “Who in the MEOW ARE YOU TWO EVEN MEOWING ABOUT?”

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  1. cell fonez...dood....ewe haz been on fish island two long...catz haz lurned ta text and make callz...{ casey ewe due has yur cell fone dont cha buddy ~~ ??!! }