Monday, May 21, 2018


          That’s when Casey gave him a short summary.  It was paw-mazing that Casey could even summarize all of it.  It was sort of funny though, the more he meowed the bigger Joey’s eyes got. 

          “I can’t believe it!”  he yowled.  “How did you two get all the way here without getting eaten by a shark?”

          That in itself was a very good question but for some reason it rubbed the Mayor the wrong way.  “We notz worryin’ aboutz zat now!  We gotta think BURDZ BOY!  Meow it with me, “Downz wid da BURDZ!”

          “Downz wid da BURDZ!”  Joey meowed cautiously.

          “Louder!”  the Mayor yowled.

          “Down WID DA BURDZ!”  Joey yowled.

          The Mayor pointed at Casey with his tail.  “Now youz sayz it!”

          “Down WID DA BURDZ!”  he yowled agreeably.

          “Alrightz den,” the Mayor meowed, looking at Joey.  “Howz manyz catz are around?”

          Joey’s whiskers twitched as he did some quick figuring.  “Maybe about 30.”

          Casey was horrified to hear that.  He remembered hundreds of cats on the island.  Fish Island was a well-known, happy, purry place for cats.  “Thirty?”  he asked.

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  1. 30....dood...iz ewe sure.....frank lee.. uz trouterz epic failed math in skewl....casey, we hope ewe noe how manee 30 troo lee iz or if joeyz math iz off all sew !!!! ♥♥☺☺