Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scared Joey

Joey’s tail swished.  “In hiding,” he meowed.  “There are 50 locked up.”

          Casey and the Mayor look at each other, not wanting to say it.  After about 3 minutes, the Mayor asked hesitantly, “Locked up?”

          Joey started to meow, “Do I-”

          Casey interrupted by holding up his paw.  “Nope, we get the idea.”  He looked at the Mayor.  “We gotta get them out of there.”

          The Mayor’s nodding, whiskers twitching, “I knowz but itz to badz dat da gang isn’t here.”

          “Meow me about it,” Casey answered, whiskers twitching.  “How in the meow are we gonna do this?”

          Joey was getting really impatient.  “How about we get back on your log and get the meow out of here?”

          Casey and the Mayor give Joey dirty looks.  “Whutz da matta wid you dude?”  The Mayor yowled.  “You cantz turnz yourz back on your pals, right Casey?”

          Casey nodded but he felt badly for Joey.  Despite the tough attitude, it looked like that he was ready to cry.  “It’s okay to be scared pal.”

          Joey’s whiskers twitched a little.  “It’s just- the burds are really scary.”

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  1. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......uz catz can knot LET de burdz win thiz.... sum help frum a bovez wood bee grate rite now if any onez listenin.. sum thunder wood bee troo lee help ful thor ...coz we noe burdz due knot like loud ~~~~~ just sayin....help dood ~~~~~~ thanx ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥