Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tension Release

“I was yelling at that dumb dolphin!”  Casey howled.  “He almost killed us!”

          The Mayor stared at Casey, confused, like he forgot what a dolphin was.  It was just really weird.  “What’s with you?”  Casey asked.  “You forget what a dolphin is?”

          The Mayor tilted his head to the side and more water came out.  The dude’s water intake was unreal.  “What’s with you?”  Casey asked.  “Did you take in the whole ocean?”

          After a shake of the fur thing.  The Mayor asked, “Wherez do you thinkz we is?”

          Casey gave him one of those famous bewildered looks.  “How in the meow am I supposed to know?”  he asked.  “What am I some kind of map?”

          The Mayor’s eyes turned into slits.  “Wellz you don’t have to givez me cat-itude.”

          Casey couldn’t believe this.  “Cat-itude?  We just rode over here on a log by a dolphin and you’re whining to me about cat-itude???

          That rubbed the Mayor the wrong way.  The next thing you know they were doing that catfighting thing which was always a good release of tension.  So, just picture the boys rolling around in the sand yowling and screeching.  Fur was flying and they just kept rolling.  The next thing you know they rolled into a forest.  They would’ve continued but a voice yelled:

          “Would you two knock it off!”

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  1. we hope ta cod that .. voice dinna come frum a B.U.R.D.!!!

    we bee offline til monday guyz....hope mom haza grate "momz day" !!!

    be nice two her ☺☺♥♥