Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Storm

          Meeee-ow here it goes…MOL…

          You guys are never going to believe this but during the orangutan convention a storm started and we’re not meowing the kind of storm that got Tippy into trouble in the first place.  We’re meowing typhoon.  The orangutans booked immediately.  As for the cats, the wind was so strong that Captain Jack was literally carried away towards his boat.  Baby, Daisy,  Toni, Fuzzy and Barney ended up booking towards a burrow underneath a tree. How in the meow that got there is any kitty’s guess. Casey and the Mayor ended up on a log headed towards open sea and the other Trouties, along with Paws and Sammie ended up on Captain Jack’s boat.  Finally, the Fishing Cats, as you may have guessed, managed to ride the waves and head towards another part of the island. 

          So let’s add this up…

          The Fishing Cats were okay- they had the webbed feet- they were fine.

          Captain Jack ended up close to his boat and luckily, it wasn’t destroyed. 

          We had some kitties on the boat and some not to far away in a burrow.

          Tippy was still missing and the Mayor and Casey were now on a log headed to who knows where.

          Realistically, it seemed like the gang could be reunited and it was paws-ible that Tippy could even be found.  However, what in the meow were they going to do about Casey and the Mayor????

1 comment:

  1. casey...eye dunno bout ewe dood but eye say we make de best oh thiz...letz take sum oh de "vine N moss" off thiz log N due sum fishin ! ☺☺♥♥ { ore may be we shuld start cater wallin like we never haz bee for !!
    HALP !!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺☺