Wednesday, May 2, 2018


          So, where was Casey and the Mayor?

          Meeee-ow…MOL…I bet you thought I was kidding but picture it.  Two, old, cranky cats sitting on opposite ends of a trunk of some tropical tree blowing toward- well who in the meow knows for sure?  But one thing’s for sure both of them were meowing insults at each other BIG TIME!!

          “Dis is all your fault!”  the Mayor yowled over some screaming wind.  “You lostz Tippy and now we iz lostz!”

          “Oh SHUT-UP!”  Casey yowled, not really knowing what he said due to the crashing waves.  He just took a guess it was something negative due to the Mayor’s body language.  “You meow dumb stuff.”

          The Mayor just heard the word dumb and sort of went off the wall.  “Dumb? Dumb? You iz the dumb onez you fatz kitty we iz going to-yowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl!”

          He was cut off by losing his balance and almost ending up in the ocean.  Casey, however, reacted quickly and managed to pull him in by the tail and that wasn’t a pretty picture.  The Mayor let out such a high meow that he made the waves stop.

          Meeee-huh?How in the meow could that be pawsible?  The scene was so calm at this point that you could hardly tell there was even a storm.   

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  1. guyz....we haz de moovee grumpee old men in R mindz eye rite now ;) ♥♥☺☺ they liked ta fuzz.. but waz best oh palz ☺☺♥♥