Monday, June 18, 2018

Fuzzy and the Amur Leopard

            Barney who had been watching the leopard the whole time just had his whiskers and tail stick straight out.  “NO HE WON’T!!!”  he yowled.  “Fuzzy’s down there!”


            Fuzzy went where???

            Meee-ow you heard it right!!!  She was headed straight for the big dude too!  Holy meows!  What in the meow was she trying to prove?  The kitties started yowling and growling, however Fuzzy kept, literally, fuzzing, right up to the leopard.  Holy meows the leopard didn’t even seem interested in attacking either!

            “Whatchya doing?”  Fuzzy asked innocently, trying to maintain her inner fuzziness.

            The Amur Leopard was, like the kitties on the boat, stunned by this whole thing.  “What are you doing kitty?”

            “You know,” Fuzzy meowed, “it’s actually good to see you.  My human thinks that you cats are critically endangered.”

            Now, picture a bunch of fat kitties on a boat just staring down and watching this with stuck-out whiskers and open mouths.  Who really knew what to meow after this? 

            The Amur Leopard looked flabbergasted by this statement.  “What’s that mean?”  he asked indignantly.

            Fuzzy’s whiskers twitched.  “About the critically endangered? That means you’re almost gone.”

            The dude did a funny think when he heard that, he rolled backwards and started doing that laugh/purr thing.  (Who knew leopards could purr?)  There was no denying it the dude found it hysterical.  Why would he? Who in the meow knows really- the feline world knew in general that leopards had a weird sense of humor and this just proved it. 

            Fuzzy though wasn’t afraid to meow the inevitable.  “What’s so funny?”

            The leopard sat up.  “Why do humans think that?”

            Fuzzy’s tail swished.  “How in the meow do I know?  I ain’t no human.”

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  1. leopard dood...coz hoomanz iz rezponz a bull....they izza sorree lot buddy ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥