Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Greeter

“FOOL OUT OF MYSELF?”  Barney meowed.  “You sound like a meowin’ human whisker-head!”

            Baby wasn’t in the mood to be fooled with and she had a history of major Barney conflict.  (That could be a blog in itself.)  In other meows- it was taking Baby every bit of willpower she had not to claw Barney’s eyes out.  She did do something interesting though, she scanned the coastline and MEEEE-OW she saw something meowy interesting.  “How about I push you down to that dude?”  she asked using her tail to point and the shore.

            All of the cats, including Captain Jack, looked down and MEEEEE-OW! Sitting there was the biggest Amur Leopard in the history of Amur Leopards.  MOL.  Surprised are you?  I bet you thought I was going to say that tiger (from yesterday) was there licking his lips.  Actually, he was supposed to be but he ended up going on a late date- literally!!!

            Paw-viously, you can’t tell but the blood drained out of Barney’s face.  “Da-dah-”

            Captain Jack was, surprisingly, amused.  “What’s the matter big boy?  None of us have your tongue.”

            Baby smacked Captain Jack with her tail.  “That was weak.”

            His whiskers twitched.  “Maybe you think so but-”

            He was cut off by a really loud growl/roar that made the boat shook.  All eyes went back on the leopard, who was just sitting there peacefully with a smirk on his face.

            “Did-did he do that?”  Baby asked, no one in paw-ticular.

            “I dunno,” meowed Barney.  “I never ran into one of these dudes!”

            Captain Jack glanced down at the leopard.  “That’s a big dude,” he meowed casually.

            Oh meee-ow Captain Jack the rocket scientist.  “No kidding!”  Barney yowled.  “What are we gonna do?”

            Captain Jack’s whiskers twitched.  “He’ll go away eventually.”

            Baby doubted it but she tried to remain hopeful.  “Do you really think so?”

            “Sure,” he meowed.  “He’ll have to eat soon, don’t ya think?”

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  1. guyz....we iz in de face oh awesum...amur leopardz be thiz kinda close ta extinct....

    dood...iz an honorz ta make yur acquaintantz....troo lee ~~~~~ ♥♥♥