Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Figuring It Out

Now, what in the meow were you supposed to meow to that?  Poor Vinnie! He really had it tough!  Fuzzy felt like giving Vinnie a hug and probably would have but Barney was horrified.  

            “Dead???”  he asked.  “How can Jenny be dead?”

            Poor Vinnie didn’t know what to say about this.  He just looked at Vinnie with eyes as huge as saucers.  He got the message immediately and eased back.  As a matter of fact, he gave Vinnie a pat with the tail and meowed, “Don’t look like that.  We’ll help find your dad.”

            “Why don’t you come in,” Fuzzy meowed.  “It’s getting cold out here.”

            Vinnie had no problem with this and Barney was anxious to hear more.  There was nothing worse than a sad kitten and everyone knew they just had to help Vinnie.

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  1. guyz...due knot bee a fraid ta shout out if ya want R help two !!☺☺♥♥