Monday, January 7, 2019

Questioning Fuzzy

            Fuzzy couldn’t believe it and Vinnie looked really spooked by Barney’s enthusiasm.  “What’s with you?”  asked Fuzzy, looking at Barney with twitching whiskers.  “How do you know, Vinnie?” 

            Barney acted like Fuzzy wasn’t even there.  Surprise, surprise.  He had raced over to little Vinnie and was looking at him with big eyes.  “I know you,” he meowed again.

            Vinnie was spooked by this and did you really blame him?  Who would want big, old Barney looking at him with that crazy look.  “I don’t know you,” he answered.

            This was driving Fuzzy nights.  “Will you tell me what in the meow is going on!”  she meowed indignantly.

            That kind of snapped Barney back into reality.  “I knew Vinnie’s mom,”  he answered.   “Casey and I knew Vinnie’s mom!”

            This startled Vinnie.  “I don’t remember my mom,” he meowed.  “Was she nice?”

            Barney nodded.  “Jenny was pawsome,” he answered.  “What happened to her?”

            Something sunk into Fuzzy.  “Why didn’t you meow to me that you were born here?”  she asked Vinnie.

            “How would I know if I was just a kitten?”  Vinnie asked.

            Vinnie had a good point.  That didn’t stop Fuzzy from asking questions though.  “What happened to your mom?”  she asked.

            Vinnie looked really sad.  “My dad meowed to me once that she died.”

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