Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Bear Debate

            Everyone looked at the Mayor in shock.  As a meow of fact, all of them had big eyes (including Fuzzy and the gang).  What he meowed was so pawsitively basic that it was paw-mazing no one thought of it before.  Barney looked like he was ready to cry.  “Say you’re right,” he meowed to the Mayor.  “Where in the meow could she have been?”

            “How in the meowz amz I supposed to knows?”  he asked.

            “Why wouldn’t she have come home?”  Daisy asked.

            “I wanna see more of the zoo!!”  yowled Paws.

            All eyes turned to Paws who was looking defiant by his lookalike siblings and Fuzzy.  None of them wanted to hear about Smokey- they were looking for a good time, pawviously. After all of them glared at each other for about 2 minutes, the next thing you know they were pawing off to see the new Grizzly Bears- debating Smokey.

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