Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Mayor Makes Sense

            So, I know you’ve been in suspense and it’s probably been driving you crazy-

            What happened to tough Barney with the fish?



            Yeah, you heard it right- nothing. 

            Poor Barney was just really overcome with emotion.  He ended up throwing the fish back to the seals.  The whole thing had to be some kind of sick joke.  He was actually so upset that he even started shaking.  Poor Toni had to give him a comforting paw on the back.

            “Don’t feel bad, Barney,” she meowed.

            Barney looked at her with huge eyes.  “There’s no way Smokey can be alive,” he meowed.

            That was actually a really stupid thing to say to poor Toni.  She was just a kid really and she and her  brothers showed up a week after Smokey disappeared.  She had no idea of how utterly coooool Smokey was.  Barney’s statement did get an interesting reply from the Mayor.

            “Well, dude,” he meowed, “rememberz Smokey justz disappeared thatz never really meant she was dead.”

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