Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Lots of Yowling

     Hank was scaring the living meows out of everyone and who wouldn’t be scared- holy meow the island of death?  Are you meowing me?  Anyway, Paws felt like his nerves were cracking, “We can’t get out of here,” he answered.

            “What’s the problem?”  Hank asked. 

            A frustrated Dave yowled from somewhere on the boat, “The boat broke down!  We can’t get out of here!”

            Dave yowling that freaked out Cory who started screeching, “That means we’re dead, doesn’t it! Holy meows I don’t wanna die!”

            Sammie felt himself freaking too!  “What does this mean?  Is Tippy dead?  Where’s Tippy?”

            “Get in the boat!”  Hank bellowed. “I’ll get you cats moving again.”

            “But Hank!”  Paws meowed.  “We want Tippy and where’s Smokey?”

            Hank wasn’t answering he grabbed Sammie and Paws by their tails and lifted them onto the boat.  After landing on their butts with a loud thud, Hank got under the boat and the next thing you know they were moving.  Moving- who am I kidding- they were going fast enough to cause big surfing waves.  The question was- where in the meow was Hank taking them?

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  1. hank...come up for air dood; at leest ya getted everee one off shore line ~ !! ☺☺♥♥