Monday, June 17, 2019

The Hippo of Doom

            The dead?

            An island for the dead?

            Well, if you wanted to freak out Sammie and Paws that worked.  They ran back on the boat, just out of sheer principle.  Do you blame them?  Who in the meow wants to be around some hippo yowling about the dead?

            Hank wasn’t amused by this.  “Would you two get out here!”  he bellowed.  “Get out here now.”

            Well, Paws’s and Sammie’s new pals weren’t coming out but the two of them pawed out carefully.  Who knew what in the meow they were thinking?  Maybe they thought Hank would look at them and turn them into stone.  Who in the meow knows?  When Hank realized that they came back into view he bellowed, “We have to get out of here NOW!  If we stay we’re all going to die!”

1 comment:

  1. put de pedal ta de metal even if it izza boat N get de sam hell outta ther guyz ~~~~~~~~ !!!