Sunday, June 16, 2019

Scared Hank

            The appearance of Hank not only shocked the meows out of the gang but it sent the new kitties back on the boat.  Hank was, as you know and imposing dude, and when he was in a state of panic, he was really scary.  Paws and Sammie weren’t sure what to think, remember they were only 3 years old and their interaction with Hank was kind of minimal.  It took about 2 seconds but, finally, Sammie remembered, “Hank!”  he yowled.  “Where’s Tippy?”

            Hank was huffing and puffing.  His eyes were huge and he seemed really afraid of something.  “We- we- you- you gotta get out of here.”

            “What’s the matter?”  asked Paws.

            That’s when Hank said the ultimate shocker, “We’re on the island of the dead!!!”


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