Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Babbling Hank

    It must’ve been the way he meowed bepaws a silence fell on the cats that was so strong that you could hear a whisker drop.  Props to Sammie’s tone- meeee-wow!

            Hank was still hysterical though.  It was really scary to see how upset the dude was.  Finally, Paws decided to do the good-old fashioned paw in the face to get him back down to earth and it worked.

            Kind of…

            A hysterical Hank suddenly turned into a babbling Hank and a pacing Hank.  All he needed was a cigarette in his mouth.  But meeee-ow his babbling was really getting under everyone’s fur!

            A lot of the stuff Hank was babbling about wasn’t making sense.  He kept talking about ghosts, demons and how Smokey seemed like she was pulled to the island. “Some zombie-like dude took Tippy away,” he babbled.  “In a matter of seconds he was gone.”

            All of the cats just stared at each other. Paws’ and Sammie’s new pals were scared meowless yet fascinated by the entire thing.  “Zom-zombie,” Dave repeated, “a-a- zombie?”

            “That’s what I said you dummy,” Hank answered.  He stared at the new cats, confused.  “Who in the meow are you guys anyway?  Where’s Fuzzy, Barney and Baby?”

            Sammie was kind of wondering that himself but he knew he had to take charge of everything here bepaws everybody just looked so meowing confused!  Before he knew it, he meowed, “You have to take us back to the island, Hank.”


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  1. hank ya gotta get it two gether dood ta help....evereee onez feelin scared N we gotta trust ewe ta put sum chillax ta thiz....

    hay, happee week oh end guyz....☺☺♥♥