Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Flustered Hank

            Dead animals??

            Hank, dude, are you sure you weren’t in the sun to long?

            Meee-ow, let’s me put it to you this way Hank was all red his eyes were bulging and you could hear his heart beating.  Holy meows how in the meow could that be paws-ible?  Better question- what in the meow does it sound like? BONGO DRUMS PALS!  They sound like bongo drums.

            “Hank, dude,” Sammie meowed, “you gotta relax.  You are gonna have a heart attack.”

            Paws was trying to think of something tough or smart to say but to be purr-fectly honest Hank was scaring the meows out of him.  All he could get out was a, “Sit down Hank and tell everybody about it!”

            That’s when the other Sammy’s green eyes became huge.  “I don’t wanna hear about some dead island.”

            “Me neither,” answered Cory.

            Sammie took charge this time, “You kitties BE QUIET AND LISTEN!  WE HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PALS!”

1 comment:

  1. can we listen with R pawz over R earz !!

    hay, haza safe N happee 4th guys ☺☺♥♥