Friday, July 5, 2019

Convincing Hank

            Hank stared at Sammie like his fur turned green.  “You are whacked kitty,” he answered.

            Paws found that Casey-like temper stirring again.  “But you have to- what about our brother?”  he asked.

            “And Smokey!”  Dave chimed in.  It was funny how the new gang seemed, suddenly, very interested in this.  Paws and Sammie were 99% sure that all of them were going to get as far away from this as paws-ible but surprise.

            “Yeah,” Sammie chimed in, “what about Smokey?  Everybody was excited to see Smokey- you can’t let her there.”

            Paws felt a really strange feeling go through him.  “Hey Hank, Casey wasn’t there was he?”

            Hank’s head whipped around and he gave Paws a hard stare.  “What made you ask that?”

            Paws felt that hot temper cooling.  “Well, you said it was the island of the dead,” he meowed weakly.

            “Casey and Joey are missing kiddo,” he answered.  “Don’t forget that.”

            Yeah, what Hank said was technically true but Paws missed Casey.  How could he not ask if he was there?  Anyway, Hank was rambling again…

            “There is no way, no chance, no way I’m going near that island.”

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  1. dood.....drawz a map N de gang will head ther on ther own....scared...ya, but they will :) ♥♥☺☺☺