Sunday, July 7, 2019

Got Ya Hank

            All of the kitties were giving Hank either dirty or disgusted looks.  Paws couldn’t believe it.  “I didn’t know you were chicken,” he meowed.

            Hank was staring at him with huge eyes.  “I’m no chicken.”

            “Well, you won’t go back to the island,” the other Sammy meowed reasonably.  “You sure sound chicken.”

            Hank started snorting.  “You sure meow big for a little cat.”

            “You need to take us to that island,” Sammie meowed again.  (Yeah I know to many Sammies- but remember Paws and Sammie are brothers). 

            “You think I wanna ramble around like some kind of zombie hippo?”  he asked. 

            The idea of Hank being turned into a zombie was kind of funny but Paws had the feeling he was being melodramatic.  “Hey, what would Barney and Fuzzy meow if they knew you wouldn’t go back and save Smokey and Tippy?

            Meee-ooooooooooh.  Got ya Hank….

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