Sunday, December 1, 2019

Rickey Says...


          The words North Pole always had the ability t get the attention of kitties, no matter what the size or type.  No kitty wanted anything to happen to Santa Claus, the man, the dude in the red suit.  So, all eyes were on Rickey which kind of had him a little jumpy.  (Do you blame the dude?)

          “You cats have to stop staring at me!!!”  Rickey yelled.  “You guys are making me nervous!” 

          “What’s up with Santa???”  asked Leo, looking worried.  He had a long list this year thanks to lots of cubs! 

          “Those oil humans are getting closer and closer to Santa’s place!”  he squeaked out.

          Oil humans?  Wait a meow-minute.  Fuzzy’s whiskers started twitching.  “The oil companies?”  she aked.

          “Yeah,” he said, “and we need a lot of help to stop them!  Everybody’s scared and some of them ran away.  Santa needs some help big time or else there isn’t going to be Christmas!!!”

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  1. dood...leeve it ta PEEPULZ ta ALL WAYZ mezz up sum thin....

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~ trooth 3♥