Monday, December 2, 2019

Riling Up the Gang


          There was horror.


          And downright amazement.  No Christmas????  No meowing Christmas.  Are you meowing kidding me?  Leo started growling and Hank started snorting.  Meeee-ow this was getting good.  Rickey and Sammy were looking at each other, confused.  They didn’t know whether or not the gang was going to go after them or just start fighting with each other.  Suddenly, something weird happened…

          Paws jumped onto Hank’s back.  “Let’s go up there!”  he yowled.  “We gotta go up there.  We can’t let those stupid humans ruin the North Pole.”

          More rumbling, growling and meowing.  Leo let out this huge roar.  “Well- WHAT ARE YOU CATS WAITING FOR?  Let’s go!!!”

1 comment:

  1. for sure... they haz all reddy roon inned... TWO MUCH


    rock on guyz ☺☺♥♥