Sunday, February 16, 2020

Raging Hank

          This is no joke either.  Barney actually did make charge.  It happened so fast that all kitties watching lost at least one whisker in horror.  Amazingly, Barney (who for the record is an estimated 15 ½ did a flying leap and landed on Paws who was still trying to catch his breath on the sand dune.  Barney actually landed halfway on Paws’s stomach which caused him to suck in his gut and call Barney such a rotten name that it’s to sick to put down on paper.

          Oh you silly, silly kitties.

          Hank, paw-viously, came to his senses and fell on his butt.  Poor Hank let out such a wail that the waves on the beach seemed like they were sucked more out to sea.  Barney jumped down from the dune and went over to Hank.  “Dude,” he meowed, “it’s okay.  You’ll be okay.  Be glad that Howie is here.”

          Howie, during this whole mess, came over along with the rest of the gang.  Howie looked like he was going to be sick.  “Don’t be sad, Hank,” he said.

          That’s when Sammie gave the inevitable meow, “Why don’t you try to find your mom?”

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