Friday, January 23, 2015


         But there was a problem!

          Oh meeee-wow- they’re not even back a week and there’s a problem?  How is dat paws-ible? 

          Relax, relax, take a deep breath and have a purr.  It’s a good problem!  The kitties weren’t sure where they wanted to go.  Meee-ow okay I see you’re not a fan, so let me explain.  Kitty baseball is like the human baseball when it comes to spring training.  You either paw to Arizona or to Florida.  Now this had Smokey in an agitated state!  Smokey, like her mom, was an avid baseball autograph collector.  There were a lot of important kitties to catch up on, autograph wise.  As for the other kitties, well, Casey was thinking on the lines of Smokey but there was a meowy nice memory of surfing.  Baby, as you may remember, didn’t go to Florida the last time either and Ace seemed like he’d be happy either way.

          In other meows, Smokey was going to be overruled by the kitties and well, to tell you the truth that was okay in her book.  It was actually going to be nice to see the beach again!  Besides that she wanted Barney to eventually join them and there was no way he was going if the choice was Arizona.  So, all was clear and the kitties were ready to start packin’ for the big trip!

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  1. it wood bee nice ta see de beech for sure !!! N we hope ya guys getz lotz o paw toe graffs ~~~ ♥♥♥