Saturday, January 24, 2015


          But what’s a Smokey to take?  MOL.  That’s easy, you take everything you can fit into the car.  That’s how they were going by the way, a convertible that Ace happened to rent.  Seeing that convertible actually gave Barney the urge to come along but he was still purr-ty sore and he swore he’d be down there as soon as he felt better.  As a matter of fact, he thought all of the kitties should take off as soon as paws-ible to make sure they got the nicest hotel closest to the beach.

          That philosophy sounded very reasonable to Smokey who couldn’t wait to feel the warm sun on her fur.  You see having three legs and living in the snow was actually kind of hard on Smokey.  She felt sore all of the time and didn’t really feel like playing at all.  Besides that she was just meowy bored!!!

          Meee-oooops, we meowed that fact already.

          Anyway, packing for the trip was actually easier than expected.  What ended up surprising the kitty was how serious of a baseball fan Ace actually was!  I mean, everybody knew that he loved the game but he had more memorabilia than some kitty eBay dealer.  All of his stuff left the kitties in awe and by time he was done loading everything, Casey’s mouth was hanging open.  “What do you do with all of dat stuff?”  he asked.  “Do you sell it?”

          Now, Smokey never thought Ace would react the way he did.  In other words, he started to growl!

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  1. a convertibullz !!!! way awesum guys.... now thatz croozin in style ♥♥