Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Delays, Delays

          Smokey’s whiskers started twitching.  “I thought the snow was just going to New York,” she said.

          That set off a debate on where this snow was headed.  Finally they had to get a map and paw it out and in the end that was probably a good thing bepaws Baby ended up purring with relief.  “Dis is good,” she said.  “I thought it was coming here.”

          This set up another kitty debate about when they could actually start out on the trip.  All of them thought, maybe Friday would be a good day, except Ace wasn’t too crazy about that idea.  He thought maybe Monday.  Surprisingly, that seemed to go over okay with everyone but then it was Barney who asked an amazingly simple question that got all of them paw-sterical:

          “If you kitties are stayin’ then what are we doing for the Super Bowl?”

          All were stunned, Smokey didn’t know what to meow.  Baby seemed to have lost her voice and Casey’s whiskers twitched.  The funny thing was Ace started growling, “I hate New England.”

          Again, no one could argue with him there.  Granted, that didn’t mean the kitties hated New England in general, that meant they hated the Patriots and it was easy to see why.  Their mom was a bitter Steeler fan who still grumbled about the Steelers getting beaten by them in the playoffs and their mom was still mad about some Ram Super Bowl!  With all of that, it was easy to see why none of them were purry about New England.

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  1. guys...we iz still havin fitz over heer bout notre dame....sew close...then ...sew far.....like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY far.... ♥♥♥

    N ya mite wanna wait til like twooz day ta leeve coz de air plane place will bee bizee monday with peepulz goin home frum de soooper bowl ! ~~~~~