Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow-Steria Kitties

          In other meows, this whole thing had them completely thrown off and to top it all off, Baby was just alerted to another weather forecast of a possible storm coming on either Thursday or Friday.  Now Baby was really getting a little silly with all of this weather worrying and she was actually and she was even giving Ace a whisker-ache which he was pleased to inform her about which led to a couple of paws and then Casey yowled for them to go in the other room and cool off. 

          For some reason when Casey did that it annoyed the meows out of Smokey.  “What did you do that for?”

          He glares at her with whiskers twitching.  “Maybe I’m tired of hearing all of this meow whining about the snow.”

          That seemed to make Smokey madder and the funny thing was that she didn’t get why bepaws Baby had been getting on her nerves.  “She’s allowed to say something about the weather!”  Smokey yowled.

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  1. out....gurls get crazee when they get uz...we noe !! ♥♥