Sunday, January 25, 2015

Diplomatic Smokey

          Smokey was starting to get annoyed.  “What’s the matter with you?”  she meowed out, giving Ace an air swat.  “He was just asking.”

          “Well, I don’t sell MY BASEBALL STUFF!”  Ace growled out indignantly.  “You better saw you’re sorry.”

          There was no way that Casey was apologizing.  He was to huffy and he thought that Ace was acting like a kitten about the whole thing.  Smokey then realized that she would have to ‘lay down the paw.’

          “If you two don’t stop with the growling and the pawing at each other both of you can stay home!”  she yowled out, frustrated with their cattitude.  Besides that she was getting one of those pounding kitty-headaches that go straight to the tail.

          Ace and Casey just looked at her, somewhat amused and went back to doing what they were doing, while Smokey looked around for some beach toys that she had gotten last summer.  Surprisingly, her beach ball was all filled up and she couldn’t help but give it a paw across the room just for the meow of it.  Well, nothing settles down a couple of boy cats than a filled beach ball and soon all three of them were knocking it all over the house.  They were having one meowy of a good time until Baby came in and yowled.  “We’re not going to be able to leave tomorrow!!!”

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  1. guys...noe yur knot if yur still at home coz a big...noe make that a REEEEEEEEEL LEE big snowz a headed yur way ...whoa....stock up on canned ..!!♥♥♥