Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kitties Are Plannin'

          And they’re restless.  Why wouldn’t they be?  It was the middle of winter, they were stuck in Western Pennsylvania where it was either snowing or icing.  There was no chance to get outside and just see what was up in the neighborhood bepaws it was to cold!  Smokey, as you may have guessed, wanted some action and some sun on her fur.  She was feeling it a little more than the other kitties, due to the fact she only had three legs- so if someone meowed, “Let’s paw out of here,” she’d be ready.

          She wasn’t alone.  All were ready to go except for Barney!!  He was feeling meowy nervous about hitting the beach again.  After all, a kitty with a sunburn is not a pleasant site and if he happened to get another one, he’d probably have to get his fur all shaved off!  Now, Smokey couldn’t figure out why that would happen but meee-ow she was no cat skin-doctor she wasn’t questioning.  Barney wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere quite yet.  He was feeling fat, furry, and quite happy with his naps in front of the heater.  He told the others he was taking a break and the best thing they could do would be to let Ace go with them and he’d join them later- once they made up their minds of course where they were going.  But wait a meowy second- Ace? 

          Who in the meow is Ace?

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