Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet Ace

          Now, everyone this is Ace…

He’s been around for a little while but never really seemed too interested in traveling with the kitties.  Ace was a tomcat, you see, who had liked to live on the edge.  He had a bad reputation in the kitty underworld and had been known, at one time, as ‘the fixer.’  In other words, if anyone had a problem, they went to Ace. 

          But now, Ace was ready for a change, and he had somewhat reformed.  He was a mellow kitty now (for some strange reason) and now he always looked forward to pawin’ around with the kitties when they came back to town.  The second he heard they were ready to go on the road again, he became very excited and started an all-out purr campaign!


  1. dood...ace....way awesome ta meet ewe...we noe ewe will love hangin out with & chillaxin with smokey, barney, casey & baby....we haz N they iz a blast !!! they all bee way rockin palz !! ♥