Friday, January 30, 2015

Paw-ty Pondering

          A paw-ty did sound great, thought Smokey.  It would be meowy cool to have other kitties to chill out with too but there was a huge problem!  Since their plans were changed it was going to be purr-ty hard to get a large group of kitties together since a lot of them already had their own paw-ties going and a lot of them managed to paw out of town before the snow came.  Smokey’s whiskers twitched, thinking of who exactly they were going to invite.

          Casey seemed to be reading her mind.  “You think the Trouties would come?”

          “I’m not sure,” Smokey said.  “Do you think that maybe we should push back a paw-ty until it’s warmer outside?”  

          “What do you mean, warmer outside?”  asked Ace, who pawed into the room with Barney and Baby. 

          Casey glared at him.  “Don’t get all hissy and growly,” he said.  “We’re just meowing about postponing the paw-ty.”

          “It’s not a bad idea,” Barney said with his tail swishing.  “Other kitties have their plans.”

          All of them stared at Barney.  “Who’s paw-ty did you get invited to?”  asked Casey.

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  1. guys...ewe betcha we will bee ther...soon az we can dig outta de 89 feetz oh snow we getted .....

    hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...we canna even due any ice fishin !! ♥♥